About Me

Postpartum doula in Raleigh North Carolina (NC) 27614 Cindy MacKinnon is the founder and president of The Whole Bundle. She is a CAPPA certified postpartum doula trained in Healthcare Provider CPR and First Aid. Cindy has worked extensively with premature, single, twin, and triplet infants over the past five years with a previous postpartum doula consulting firm. She has studied lactation and breastfeeding support in continuing education courses, studied and promoted the H.U.G. Your Baby practice and has completed the Certified Nursing Assistant program of Wake County. She has also worked as a preschool teacher and studied Psychology and Women's Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University. Cindy is married and a mother to two daughters: a recent college graduate and a college sophomore.


"Cindy was a wonderful caregiver to our children but also served as a sounding board for Scott and I. She was sincereley concerned about not only the childrens' well-being, but ours as well. She guided us through all the information and allowed us to make choices in which we felt more confident because of the education she shared. She became a part of our family! The services have been invaluable and an investment we would recommend to any new parent."

Jessica C., Wake Forest NC

"On top of everything else, Cindy also provided me with emotional support. As a first time mom in a new place, this was invaluable to me."

Freya R., Raleigh NC

"Cindy was particularly helpful in helping prepare me for the 3,6,9 and 12 week growth spurts, and encouraging me to keep breastfeeding."

Caroline D., Raleigh NC

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